The Veggie Kids are the younger brothers of Noah's friends called the Dish Dudes. There names are never revealed. They work for Noah and they fight for whats right.


Unlike Noah, these children's hairstyles and headgear represents the vegetables there named after. They are seen helping Noah and seem to carry weapons.

  • Tamanegi, known as Onion, is the weakest member. He wears eyeglasses and he is a coward. Sometimes, he becomes brave when saving his friends. His weapon is a little shovel. He is the smartest member. He is the brother of Spaghetti, who can fight.
  • Piiman, known as Pepper, the strongest member. He is second in command and takes over when Noah is gone. He has more bravery but has no idea about girls. Pepper's weapon is a baseball bat. He is the brother of Gumbo, who was the original second in command.
  • Ninjin, known as Carrot, is the laziest member. He doesn't talk much. Although when he talks, he speaks in a Larry Fine type voice and is seems to be as smart as Onion. Carrot wears an orange hat that gives part of his hair the shape of a leaf of a carrot. Uses a frying pan as a weapon. He is the brother of Carrot Cake, who talks more.
  • Bokchoy: A background member. He speaks in a Japanese accent. His weapon is a water gun. He is the brother of Celery.

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