Wallace Pietro Dewak Starbusterowski, also known by his professional villain name Vampwire, is a villain from Anime: Camp Generations.


Wallace is a 9-year old boy who always gets teased by his height. Angry that he is short, he hates humans now. He wishes to rule the world. When a lightning bolt striked his head, he was knocked out for 3 hours. When he woke up, his red head changed to black hair. He is bigger and muscular. He has aged 40 years. He has the power of electricity. Later, he wore a golden suit and gained the name Vampwire since he can grow wings and jet packs.

Everyone thought he was dead. Wallace (Vampwire) is an orphan so he has no parents. Because he learned from his deseased father-figure, he is able to take care of himself. Now, he can transform to Vampwire with the button press of his remote control.


  • Electric Shocks: Vampwire can shock anyone with his electrical pawns.
  • Paralyzation Powder: Holding soda pop bombs, when it lands on them, they paralyze for three hours.
  • Lightning: Vampwire summons lightning on snow storms, blizzards, rainy days and floods.
  • White Lightning Killer Strike: Vampwire summons a lightning bolt that kills you when it touches you on acid rains.
  • Robot/Zombie Summoning: Vampwire summons minions of robots or zombies.

Voice ActorEdit

Vampwire made his first debut appearance in 2008. In the second and present season, his child form was voiced by Debi Derryberry. Vampwire's adult self was voiced by legendary voice-over actor, Don LaFontaine. During production of the third season, Don LaFontaione died in September 1, 2008. Unfortunatley, for the rest of the series, Vampwire's adult self is voiced by Joe Orrantia which caused him a German accent.

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