Toshi Yoshida is a Japanese child star who is known for eating the most hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas, ramen, Twinkies, chicken wings, chocolate and malten milk balls without losing weight. Toshi is accompanied by his intrepitor and translator, Maddie Farwelker as Toshi speaks Japanese fluently and does not understand English. He is nicknamed "The Disposal" because of his apetite.

Toshi is voiced by hot dog eating champion, Takeru Kobayashi while his translator is voiced by Maggie James, Kobayashi's translator and intrepitor. The reason that Toshi had little to no dialogue is that because Takeru had problems understanding the English scripts for the show, show his lines had to be done in Japanese and Maggie James helps translate the cue lines and actions on whenever he suppose to say his line. Toshi only had 3 lines.


  • Watashi wa sekaijū kara samazamana ryōri o taberu yō ni naru to watashi wa dōyō ni tanoshimu koto ga dekiru node, watashi wa kontesuto ni ga sukidesu. English Translation: I like being in the contest because I get to eat many different dishes from around the world and I can have fun as well.
  • Motto watashi o ataeru. English Translation: Give me more.
  • (to Hiro) Asameshimae. English Translation: Piece of cake.

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