Top Supermarket Clerk is a French reality-television program that parodies reality television, with the characters consisting of the eponymous fictional reality series and the contestants therein, created by Todd Kaufman and produced by Reality TV. This is Dren's 2nd favorite show.


This series parodies to that of Top Chef, but features many similarities to Survivor, Fear Factor, and The Amazing Race, but also takes elements of other widely known series such as Endurance, The Real World, Road Rules, Iron Chef, The Apprentice, Project Runway, American Idol, and The Challenge. It features the affairs of several contestants try to survive the pressures of a supermarket. At the end of each episode, one contestant is "checked out," the program's term for elimination. Like most reality television series, this series is a competition but the grand prize being only cash; the first season having a prize of $100,000 and the rest at a million. The theme song was composed by Joshua Redman.


  • Lucille "Lucie" Christopher
  • Benjamin Williams
  • Andrea Fredrickson
  • Gerald "Jeff" Sebastian-Lee
  • Dominic Petajinisonov

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