Tom & Yuki is a mockumentary based episode for Anime: Evolution,


Narrated by Noah Cooper in the style of Bugs Bunny, this episode features Kyo and Yuki constantly fighting. Kyo goes overboard by freezing most of the people. Shigure holds a clone version of the ray and zaps Kyo causing him to talk in cat since the mode was in the un-talk mode instead of the freeze mode. The ray also zapped Yuki making him mute as well (only speaking in mouse) causing a huge goose chase scene similar to that of Tom and Jerry. At the end, Yuki gets chased again by Kyo, Kyo gets chased by a moose and the moose gets chased by Kagura acting like a dog.

Guest castEdit

  • Joe Alasky - Kimba
  • Simon Cowell - Himself
  • Adam Sandler - Librarian


  • This episode spoofs the MGM's Tom and Jerry cartoons. Kyo portrays Tom Cat while Yuki portrays Jerry Mouse. This episode features silence after Kyo and Yuki got shot with a ray that made them voiceless.
  • The part where four members of Orochimaru's Gang sing in a dark harmony is a parody of a non-dubbed removed scene of the 1966 anime, Kimba the White Lion.
  • This episode features many Tom and Jerry music scores. Most of the music background during the sequences of the goose chase are from the Powerhouse song and the Powerhouse era from Cartoon Network since 1994 to 2003. The mostly used one is the Tom and Jerry and the Bugs & Daffy one.
  • Adam Sandler, who guest voices a librarian, was not credited for his voice act.
  • Unlike most of the end credits in the whole entire series, the voice cast was replaced with Voice Characterization. Thias is a reference to many Looney Tunes series where a voice actor is credited. Mel Blanc, the man of 1000 voices who voices most Warner Bros. characters is the only one credited for his works.
  • The modes in the ray are "Freeze, Unfeeze, Talk, Untalk and Banana". The "Banana" function is unknown; although it could be a joke by the animators.
  • This is the first time Simon Cowell guest starrs in the series without either Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson or Ryan Secrest.

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