The Pretenders is an episode of Anime: Evolution. Unlike the other episodes, this episode features more Asian-style elements, references and locations, due to the setting being in Little Tokyo.


Shura's Plot: Shura takes Susan Strong on a trip to Little Tokyo to visit his friend, Hashimoto but she cannot understand the basic styles of Japanese culture such as eating with chopsticks and mispronouncing the Japanese language. And when Finn and Princess Bubblegum try to teach the Japanese people how to speak Latin and German, a gang of hitmans known as The Winklespam Brothers, human-monkey-tanuki hybrids who are mischevious and they sing together, are after them.

Hanajima's Plot: A shock attakced Hanajima making her able to speak nothing but Japanese.


  • This episode features more Japanese elements and lifestyle due to taking place in an Asian setting. This is also the first episode where Ben Tennyson does not save the day.
  • The part where the Winklespam Brothers are singing was removed from the dub. Although when they went to Finn and Princess Bubblegum, some scenes from the removed scene were added to fit with their sneaky ways.
  • The Winklespam Brothers are voiced by The Mellowmen when singing, who are mostly known for their roles in Dr. Seuss, Horton hears a Who.
  • The part where Susan puts chopsticks in her nose and is unable to remove them was deleted from the dub due to being too graphic.
  • The houseboy Hashimoto, is based on the Japanese mouse cartoon character, Hashimoto-san created by Terrytoons animator, Bob Kuwagara. He even says Sayanara at his last screentime similar to the original character and his family shares the same name as the original character except his two cousins are named Saburo and Yuriko instead of spouses due to his young age.
  • The personalities of The Winklespam Brothers are based on Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • Finn and Princess Bubblegum do not speak English in this episode. Finn speaks virtually Latin and PB speaks fluent German, to teach the Japanese people to speak it.
  • Some fictional anime shows appear on the Japanese tv sets. The shows are Tiny'mon (Pokemon), Mechanimals (Transformers), Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent and Yu-Gotta-Go (Yugioh).

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