Saminson Kendrojin Oracle (better known for his stage names Twain the Oracle or just The Oracle) is a magical oracle who is Captain Illu's friend. He made his debut appearance in Anime: Camp Generations third movie Trip to Haddle City.


Born as Saminson Kendrojin Oracle, he was a kid who suffered a disease to predict the future. He wishes to be famous for his talents. As a child, Saminson didn't like school: he thinks that the children will abuse him if they found out he is an oracle. He often played hooky. Because of so many absence, his mother makes him clean a farm's home.

In the age of 13, Saminson became a comic artist. He made a comic series called Genie Gerald and used a pen name, Twain (parody of Mark Twain's name). Being famous for his comics, Saminson was hired by a showbusiness man to be a comedy man. Saminson starred in his own segment, Life Lenny. He is the second main character of the segment. He used the stage name The Oracle due to his powers.

At the age of 46, The Oracle became famous. Sadly, he was cursed to be stuck in an outer-space backgrounded universe and uses a mirror to communicate to viewers. His mirror landed on Captain Illu and they started to become friends after he tells her the moves.

He could be in love with Captain Illu.

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