The New Guy is a character from Anime: Camp Generations.


He has a modern combed hairstyle. Also, he has a shaved goatee. He wears a turquoise tuxedo and wears a green and purple striped tie and lavender pants with blue shoes. His voice is low and medium and sounds like a typical man.


This mysterious person claims to be born from the 1980s. His age that he says is 18 years old. He said that he went to a world where there are lots of creatures, places and buildings. His signature song is beat boxing. He used to watch movies that no one has never heard off. He also said that he recorded all of the episodes of the television series, Our Gang (or The Little Rascals), before Bill Cosby caused it to cancel.

His real name is never revealed. He is only referred to as "The New Guy".

Since he has the same qualities as Noah, he was almost declared the new Noah. But when Noah stopped the ceremony, he talks to him and says that he should go somewhere else. Sad, he left.

He later appears in other episodes. He is friends with Noah now.

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