The Mighty Team is a league of three men that work in the same corporation in which there specific career skills help them discovering animals. They are based on the three characters from Cyberchase.


  • Nero the Animal Hero: A Hispanic documentarist and animal biology with a heavy Mexican accent who rescues animals from danger and is indeed fearless but loves animals dearly that he will stop anyone who harms them. Voice of Antonio Banderas.
  • Unga D'Bigtop: An African-American ringmaster who owns her very own circus. She dosen't care about the animals endangerement all he cares about is the circus and her money. But she's not truly heartless as she likes animals and tries to protect them. Voice of Cree Summer.
  • Ron Target: An English former game hunter now turned Neanderthal who was a champion sportsman after wild game. After being fired two times by Unga and Hacker, his reputation was ruined and he stormed off and he got hit in the head transforming him into a loincloth wearing Neanderthal speaking in "ugg" caveman language. Voice of Alec Baldwin and Dee Bradley Baker (Neandertarget).

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