The Jackson 5.0 is an episode of Anime: Evolution. The cartoon features Michael Jackson's real-life brothers, Diana Ross and manager, Barry Gordan, including former Beatles member, Paul McCartney, guest starring in the episode, despite Jackson's death.


It is Jackson's 43rd birthday and he misses his family and friends who were off far away. Hanajima finds all of them, including Beatles member, Paul, who helped him with some songs. But because of disasters occuring by Neb, the characters could be short lived.

Guest castEdit

  • Jackie Jackson - Himself
  • Tito Jackson - Himself
  • Randy Jackson - Himself
  • Marlon Jackson - Himself
  • Jermaine Jackson - Himself
  • Robert Cait - Michael Jackson
  • Diana Ross - Herself
  • Barry Gordan - Himself
  • Paul McCartney - Himself


  • The title could be a reference to "The Jackson 5", a band formed by the Jackson family since the 1960s.
  • This episode is similar to Adam Abbott and Burt Castello.
  • All of the Jackson brothers (excpet Michael due to death in 2009) have guest starred in the episode.

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