The China Civil Cherry Bomb is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations. This episode first aired in China, then Japan and then the US. Because it aired in the Chinese, it features some dubbing errors. Sometimes the words and dialogue don't match the characters mouths.


A snake warrior named Copperhead ("Vectum" in English dub) caused serious damage to China. Thinking of the Americans have did this, the Chinese have challenged the AnimeLand to a duel.

Lula's father needs Neb and Hako's help to teach a young warrior named Dawan to fight.

Memorial LinesEdit

  • Neb: Script-flip!!!
  • Chinese man: Stupid poopey-Americans have done this.
  • Weevil: Could I possibly see those legendary cards???????!


  • This video features the guest starrs Keone Young, the Asian mixed-American actor, to voice a Chinese emperor, Puyi.
  • This episode features some facts about war with the Chinese.
  • This episode was part of the third movie "Trip to Haddle City".

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