The Animation Firm is an episode of Anime: Omniverse to celebrate the franchise' 7-year anniversary.


The plot is focused on two wraparound sections. The first one is an animation production company is producing it's first anime series starring a dog but it's falling behind because of the incompetence of the production coordinator, Saruta. The second one is Saruta driving in the rainy night trying to deliver the pilot episode to Nippon Bradcasting Network but falls asleep too often that he's visualing a killer coming after him.



  • Oda: The director of the cartoon. He has to make sure everything is in order and nothing screws up. He also takes responsibility for all disorderments. He was last one killed by Saruta/
  • Saruta: The production coordinator, having the duty of delivering the episodes to the NBS network and handing over all supplies to the staff. He is a slacker and often sleeps on the job causing many scheduling problems and gets abused by his staff members. He was killed by Little Slugger.
  • Patty: The color editor who is chubby. She does not like Saruta for his laziness. She was the second to last one killed by Saruta.
  • Kumahora: The background designor. He takes pride in his work and shed's a tear if his work is ruined. He has a deadpan personality most of the time. He was killed by Saruta.
  • Kishito: Sound effects maker and exec. producer that hates Saruta as much as Oda because he had to redo a scene because Saruta lost it. He was killed by Saruta.
  • Kanye: The animation director who times the animation. She worked at home and had to have Saruta pick up her finished work at her complex. She was killed by Saruta.

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