Super School is a Japanese animated television series created by Robert Cait, who also created The AnimeLand, Anime: Camp Generations and Anime: Evolution.


14-year old student Gunther Arisones has attended business school as he wished. But the stress from students bullying him and or the mean insensitive teachers bothering him drives him crazy.


  • The cartoon series produced 11 episodes total. The cartoon series was not popular and the series failed due to lack of interests. The show was cancelled after it's poor reviews. When the pilot aired reruns, the following message appeared Sorry that the show Super School did not make it to progress!.
  • A live-action movie was made based on the cartoon featuring Cole Sprouse playing the role as Gunter. The movie features Cole Sprouse becoming the new teacher of the new year of Super School. Unfortunatley, during filming production, Cole Sprouse have left the movie for the Suite Life series. The movie wwas later turned into a 30-minute special and was never theatrical released.
  • The series aired it's final episode in September 12, 2008 and reruns were removed completley on January 1, 2009. Robert Cait has ceased production of the project due to it's poor quality so it was abandoned.
  • Super School is one of Robert Cait's rarest shows not to be shown on television since January 1, 2009.
  • Super School is Robert Cait's only cartoon not to make anymore reruns on special holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, efven though two holiday specials (Christmas and Halloween) were produced.
  • The show is now lost, abandoned and forgotten. Also, the character Gunter is also retired as well.


  1. Super School - an episode of Anime: Camp Generations though, the episode was later pitched into a television series without making an official pilot episode or animated short
  2. Business School Awaits
  3. Bully Problem
  4. The Principal Goes Out Sick
  5. Homesick
  6. The Super School Lockoween Special
  7. Troubles of Asking a Girl Out
  8. I'm Deciding to Resign
  9. Door-to-Door Chocolate Contest
  10. Christmas Class
  11. Spring Break Fever - this is the series finale of Super School. This wasen't attended to be the last episode, but due to production of the live-film, the series went on hiatus and it was considered the last.
  12. Super School: The Movie - this is the first and only movie of Super School. The series went to poor quality after the movie was released due to the fact that Cole Sprouse (played Gunther in the movie) left the project for the Suite Life on Deck. After the movie aired, Robert Cait ceased production of Super School and reruns were removed completley on Januay 1, 2009 and the movie is considered lost.

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