Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures (Japanese: すぺrアリ円経ろ部あdヴぇんつ) is a Japanese-American cartoon that was broadcasted in the United States and Japan. Although the cartoon was made in the United States first, the animation was done by Toei Animation. The show was created by American animator, Tim Dean, while the Japanese dub and the major edits were created by Japanese animator, Moctezuma Esparza (voice of himself who instead of Japanese is Mexican). This show is one of the popular cartoons in Japan.


Main Super Alien Hero Buddies

  • Handibadi/Handy Buddy (はんぢばぢ): A cartoon version of Fourarms. Handy Buddy has four arms and he uses them to pound the enemies. In the American and Japanese dub, he speaks with a Scottish accent. In the Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish dub, he speaks with a Transylvanian accent.
  • Honoo No Yona Badi/Fiery Buddy (炎のよなばぢ): A cartoon version of Heatblast. Fiery Buddy has fire powers meaning he can burn holes through walls with his fire. When he speaks, he spekas in a rapping stereotypical accent, because he raps when he talks.
  • Kurai Badi/Doggy Buddy (暗いばぢ): A cartoon version of Wildmutt. Blind, he can hear with his gills and he is able to dig holes. He speaks in a speech and accent similar to famous cartoon character dog, Scooby Doo.

Main Bad Guys

  • Bouringuborubanditto/Bowling Ball Bandit (ぼうりんぐぼるばんぢっと): An evil villain who wields a mighty cannon that shoots bowling balls. He is Handy Buddy's nemisis.
  • Gamudoroppuu~izado/Gumdrop Wizard (がむどろっぷう~いざど): An evil wizard who uses his gumdrop wand to make gooey gumdrops to stick people to the ground. He is Fiery Wizard's nemisis.
  • Kiti no Rita/Kitty Litter (基地のりた) An evil cat who throws trash all around different areas she appears in. She is Doggy Buddy's enemy.
  • Masuta Zankoku/Master Cruel (マスタざんこく): A cartoon version of Vilgax. He created the villains to take down the Super Alien Hero Buddys.

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