Sunday Pants! is a type of expression said in The AnimeLand featuring somebody getting excited. This word was created by Noah 8 years ago. He got if from urinating his pants by accident in Sunday. The body language and hand gestures that goes along with the word is showing the characters doing obnoxious things or doing anime events like chibi forms, yelling scenes, etc.


This is a hip hop song sang by Noah featuring how he created the word. The rhythm is similar to the pattern used for limerick poems.

The word, Sunday Pants, that I made A word in which no one gets paid When someone gets shocked Or excited or blocked Makes them fell like taking First Aid

8 years ago, I just still straight A boy at the age of 1/2 eight. A fine boy was I A smart genius, but why A read books like a fish on a plate

Nathan, my brother, came home. Like a Aztec soldier in Old Rome. WIth a big box of hope What a sick little dope! It might be a little Foam Doam.

I found a box called Cool Candy So sweet, so sugar dandy I took a big bite And I went out of sight And now here's it, Mr. Andy.

My pants felt like a soaking towel Washed up by a big talking owl I peed on my pants I lost my own dance Now this is the time I call fowl.

They call me Pee-Pants and now on, Whenever I sing this good song, I realized it now, The bad secret and how, A guy made a big fashion bond.

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