Steven Spielberg (born December 18, 1946) is an American film director, screenwriter, film producer, video game designer and studio executive. Steven Spielberg's four cartoon creations; Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid and Tiny Toons Adventures made cameo appearances in the show. Steven himself guest stared as director Steam Roy who was the director of the two films Cronan the Bloberian (parody of Conan the Barbarian) and The Jerkinator (parody of The Terminator) starring his favorite German actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger (voice of himself), in which he appears in a science fair helping Noah deciding which team should win; The Jerkinator: Space Adventures fans (Species) or the Cronan the Bloberian: Stumbleberry Finkbat (Finkies). Steven made a crossover featuring Cronan and the Jerkinator working together to defeat a monster.

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