Some of these spin-offs are from Anime: Camp Generations and now gained there own series.


  • Super School: An educational series featuring the adventures of a student named Gunther Wall (named after the two directors who created Angry Beavers) going to business school. They only aired six episodes, including the pilot.
  • Hothead Goes to Jen-Gu Island: A series starring Shia LaBeauof as the voice of Hothead. Hothead goes to Jen-Gu Island to learn more about surfing. Starring Jeff Bridges (Stonecold), Zooey Deschannel (Flare), Joe Heder (Slice) and Diedrich Bader (Tray). The show ended it's five year run with a movie.
  • Dederaranacoja: A series featuring Kikki, Ururu and Miyuki having fun with Deder, there friend. This appeared in different shows.
  • The New Three Stooges/Robonic Stooges: Two segments featuring the live-action/animated three-stooges. In the first one, there is always a live-action footage and an animated one. In the second one, when the three stooges became old, they made robots of themselves to save the world.

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