Sparky Goes Crazy is an episode of the show. The name was from the Internet meme from the scene in Speak no Evil when Sparky goes crazy in front of Ayame.


A Japanese jerky company accidentally made a pack of Jack Link's Beef Jerky that was made from a cow that had mad cow disease. When Sparky ate the jerky, he went completley insane terrorizing the town. Also, some of the Inuyasha characters got drunk from the sake mist from Sparky.


  • This episode was banned from the United Kingdom due to the mad cow disease incident from the beef jerky in 1998.
  • This is the third time Sparky went crazy. The second time is Speak no Evil and the first time is Paying is no Believing.
  • Sparky said "Lucy, I'm home", reference to movie "I Love Lucy".
  • Three Beatles songs are heared: "Michelle", "Help" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand".
  • The Beatles (the British band) appeared in two different animations. The first when Sparky beats them up was from the 1960s The Beatles animated cartoons that ran in syndication. The second when they keep on hearing Sparky screaming was the animation from the film, Yellow Submarine. The Beatles return to their anime version of their 1960s Beatles animated cartoons animation design.
  • This episode was so popular from the internet meme that most of the clips from the episode was used in the music video "I'm a Sparky Bear" with the English version of the song "Gummy Bear".

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