Skips is a yeti who works for Benson as a groundskeeper. He accompanies Benson at work. He talks slow and can only get around by skipping. Skips also has the ability to skip backwards, as seen in the episode The Power. In Death Punchies, it was revealed that Skips sent Rigby to the hospital with a fractured butt cheek while playing punchies with him. Skips also admits, in the episode Caffeinated Concert Tickets, that he doesn't think Fist Pump is that bad, but soon after adds, "not that I'm into that I'm into that kind of thing."

He seems to have an interesting and mysterious past, as everyone relies on him to solve unnatural problems, and he almost always has the answer.

Skips apeared in numerous episodes and also appears in an episode where he wins a Gemmy and a Lobscar award along with other different characters.

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