Shoebox of Horror is an episode featuring four episodes that included characters playing some roles.



A Scottish con-artist named Rumpledkiltskin (played by Mitch Tennison) has captured a women named Sheek (played by Julie Yamamoto) and Sparky (played by himself) to wove 5,000 kilts before the sunrises or they will be baked into shepards pie.

Crouching Kisa, Hidden HiroEdit

To save Kisa from being de-boned in order to power The Evil Empress' magic silkworm to be strong, Hiro must find a way to defeat the empress in order to restore the Good Empress' throne to save Chinatown.

Balloon BafoonEdit

While traveling through Mexico, an anthropomorphic hot air balloon is attacking the city.

Chet and the Haunted HouseEdit

Delivering a pie to Mr. Ted, Chet enters a haunted house haunted by a pumpkin-headed scarecrow and an anthropomorphic crow.


  • This episode guest starrs Niki Yang as The Evil Empress, Eunice Cho as The Good Empress, Ryan Higa as the Chinese musician and Antonio Banderas as Heely Umm.

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