Shair a Lair is an episode.


Because of Mitch Tennison, The Story Tellers Club and The United Demons have to share one headquarters but how can children get along with evil demons?

Guest starsEdit

  • Drake Bell - Agent Rockstar
  • Justin Bieber - Agent Suazlick


  • Mitch uses the Moby Morpher to transform into two agents but how can he change his voice?
  • Drake Bell guest stars in the episode but plays the role as Agent Rockstar instead of the voice of Derek Jam, a drummer character.
  • It is revealed that Hiro is part of the member of the Princess Society as the court baileff.
  • When they realized they have to share their headquarters, they made an opening that's a parody of the Brady Bunch.
  • The Kids & Teens theme song from "Share-a-Lair" is a parody of the theme song to The Brady Bunch. It even notes that it stars "Ann Bea Davis" as Alice, an allusion to Ann B. Davis' role as Alice the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch.
  • When Noah realizes what would happen if he goes to school, a sequence featuring Little Noah growing older and turning into a superhero with a song playing to it is a parody of the Schoolhouse Rock opening sequence featuring the same scenes with the "Schoolhouse Rocky" theme song, notice Noah saying "Cuz knowledge is power".
  • I'm Just a Bill is parodied in the cartoon.
  • Atticus says bacon which is a reference to an old dog food commercial titled Beggin Strips featuring bacon shaped dog food which had a commercial featuring a crazy dog wanting bacon.

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