School of Destruction is an English rock band that originated in Nickelodeon's ChalkZone episode of the same name. There band is based esstentialy on school education and being rebels against the school rules. There classical hits are "Crack Those Books" and there main bit was "Mr. Board", a skit originating in Saturday Night Live (fictional) but later became another popular song, "Just Say Yes to Recess" which was a demo hit and there new single "Gonna Teach You A Lesson You'll Never Forget" originated in an incident during filmage of SNL, became popular. There first names are all feminime names.

Band MembersEdit

  • Betty Bombast: The lead vocals and guitarist. His appearance is based on Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. He dropped out of high school which cost his education but lead him to be a millionaire rockstar. He has a pet iguana named Iggy which is the bands' mascot and owns a dragon ring.
  • Mary Tyler Morbid: Lead guitarist and secondary vocals. His appearance is havinly based on KISS members since half of his face is colored in black and white. He also supports long nails. He has a pet puppy.
  • Brittany Knives: Secondary guitarist in a pink color scheme in a gymnastic rubber sweat suit in flash colors.
  • Dorothy Vader: The band's drummer with a Paul Stanley star on his eye that's blue and green hair.


  • Director Butch Hartman has confirmed that the band would replace The Blue Beetles in third season in 2013.
  • Larry Huber confirms that the band members are all homosexuals which explains there crossdressing and feminine stage names.

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