Ronald McDonald is the very popular main symbol for McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. s a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. In television commercials, the clown inhabits a fantasy world called McDonaldland, and has adventures with his friends Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and The Fry Kids. In recent years, McDonaldland has been largely phased out, and Ronald is instead shown interacting with normal kids in their everyday lives.

According to Fast Food Nation 96% of school children in the U.S. can identify McDonald, making him the U.S.'s most recognized fast food advertising icon. Only Santa Claus was more commonly recognized.

The voice cast for the Klasky-Csupo animated VHS series "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald" have appeared in the show as well, making them the first ever guest stars (along with Aaron Carter) to appear in The AnimeLand series. Ronald appears in the show and is voiced by Joe Maggard who played Ronald in many live-action commercials until 2009 when Brad Lennon took his place.

Joe was again replaced by Brad as of the third season.

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