Robert Cait is the creator of the cartoon series. He sayed that the show was based on the Snafu Comics "Grim Tales from Down Below" and "PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi". Despite creating the show, he did not animate the project and/or pilot, nor did much of anything on the animation, except doing some storyboard works, but otherwised let Viz Media took over the animations for the show.

Robert also performed some voices for some characters in the show, including some deceased actors such as Michael Jackson who died in 2009, as Cait later became the current voice.


  • Norm the Genie - only on special occasions when Norm MacDonald is not around
  • Horace T. Wilter
  • Michael Jackson - after June 2009 because of his death
  • Speed Racer - Peter Fernandez, who aired Speed Racer in the US and voiced Speed himself died
  • Racer X - Peter Fernandez, who also voiced Racer X died,
  • Chickenbark
  • Himself

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