Q-588 is a cyborg that only appears in Anime Camp Generations' third movie "Trip to Haddle-City".

Japanese Biography = Q-500Edit

Q-500 is a lonely man who suffered from a disease that fused half of his brain with a robot. His real name is Quincey Takudosha. Nobody likes him. So, Q-500 works for Doctor Frankenstein so he could be treated good. His parents died when his disease started. Doctor Frankenstein adopted him since he was a boy. Since then, for the next 490 years, he will kill anyone in his path.

English Adaption Biography = Q-588Edit

In the English adaption, his name is Q-588. He seems to be a man with robotic like abilities because his headgear gave him the abilities of a cyborg. Q-588 is Doctor Frankenstein's minion. He is 48 years old, not 500. His powers are his brain and soul, any one of Noah's crazy antics can make his headgear not compute. Q-588 was defeated by Noah with the Super Fist of Bruce.

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