Pops is a rich, thin man who presumably owns the park as well as the house, which he shares with Mordecai and Rigby. According to the Cartoon Network website, he is a billionaire that was locked up and protected for all or most of his childhood, which is apparently why he takes such a childish delight in everything. He has a large head, a blond/white mustache, and a top hat. He also has a British accent, although the Regular Show fan page on the Cartoon Network website claims that he is from Lolliland, further supporting the assumption that he is a giant lollipop. Pops is always happy, laughing more often than not, and appears to be very easily fascinated, and he's actually the the boss of the groundskeepers, but relies more on Benson, (since he knows nothing about taking care of the park). Pops is apparently very sensitive and tends to be a little "weird", according to other characters such as Mordecai. His name is derived from the fact that he vaguely seems to look like a huge lollipop, as well as that he believes lollipops to be currency (as seen in the episode The Power when he gives Mordecai and Rigby a "raise" of one lollipop each and in Don (Episode) where he tried to pay the parks taxes with lollipops.). He is apparently very light, as seen in the episode Just Set Up The Chairs when, upon being rejected, he floats away on a count of twenty-four (possibly more) helium balloons. This is supported by the episode Death Punchies in which Rigby punches Pops so hard that he plummets into the air, disappearing in the light of the sun. Later in the episode, it was discovered that Pops had suffered an injury from the punch, a broken arm.

Posp appears in numerous episode and also appears in an episode when he wins a Gemmy and a Lobscar Award along with other different characters.

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