Plank in the Big City is an episode of Anime: Evolution which is the first ever AE episode to feature Mitch as the main character in the episode.


  • Mitch Tennison
  • George
  • K'nuckles
  • Ed
  • Edd
  • Johnny
  • Plank
  • Rolf
  • Kevin
  • Sarah
  • Nazz
  • Jimmy
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Noah Cooper
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Lumpy Space Princess
  • Engagement RIng Princess
  • Princess Princess Princess


Mitch turns the AnimeLand into a suburban city to gain more popularity called Edtropolis. Also, after a performance of a licking tongue, Princess Bubblegum can speak nothing but gibberish especially for her Candy Kingdom Speech.


  • Kevin: Oh yeah, well what's 2+2?
  • Mitch: HEY HEY HEY!!! Any of that crystal ball stuff will cost ya extra. Hey, Johnny, wanna tat?
  • Johnny: Your city's corrupted the mind of my pal, Plank. Surrender, urban fiend. (beats up Mitch)
  • Mitch: HELP, IM BEING MUGGED!!! (Johnny runs off with Mitch's money) Did you see that? That bald kid took my money.
  • Johnny: Back off, Mitchy or it's CURTAINS FOR YOUR DIRTY MONEY!!!
  • Mitch: Don't even kid about something like that.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Messy lid.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Wonder university bravo.
  • Edd: Mitch, it was horrible, Mitch!!! LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY SHIRT!!!!
  • Princess Bubblegum: Petunia. Hour glass is cow nostrilly knee deep in... pink.
  • Mitch: How about you, Lummix, did you find any coins, did ya huh?
  • Ed: I gotta bunch!!!
  • Mitch: THAT A BOY, ED!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme! (Ed hands out a worm) A worm?!
  • Edd: Ironic, don't you think.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Rutabega?
  • Princess Bubblegum: (to Finn) Duty, Snort carpet chewing?
  • Ed: (watching Edtropolis collapse) Dominos! Let's do it again! Here, hold this! (puts the worm in Mitch's shirt)
  • Mitch: Ed, I don't want it! Double D, get a net! It's crawling.
  • Edd: (laughs) You know, Mitch, ceaseless toil and broken dreams are the essence of urban living.
  • Johnny: (riding off into sunset with Plank in hs card) Ah, take a deep breath, Plank, you can smell peace, love and tranquility. I missed you too buddy, but if you do that ever again, I'll glue you to a rock. It's a joke, Plank.
  • Johnny: Plank, look what the city's done to you. Plank!!
  • Princess Princess Princess: PB...WHAT IS...WRONG
  • Princess Bubblegum: Fine-mess, pie rant walk boringly!!! (meaning "Princesses, I can't talk normally!")

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