This is a japanese pilot episode of The AnimeLand. The pilot was animated with stop motion animation by drawings in Paint.NET and features Keone Young narrating the show in Japanese.


    • 昔 (mukashi - Once upon a time)
    • かつて外国人だった (Katsute gaikoku-jin da~tsu ta - There was once an alien named)
    • Zimの (Zim no?)
    • 彼は世界をすべての1次元の文字を掴んで召喚 (Kare wa sekai o subete no 1-jigen no moji o tsukande shōkan - He summoned a world grabbing every single dimensional character)
    • 今、1つの主人公は楽しい時間を台無しにから悪役を停止します (Kon, 1 tsu no shujinkō wa tanoshii jikan o dainashi ni kara akuyaku o teishi shi masu - Now, one hero will stop the villain from ruining a good time)
    • ベンテニスン (Bentenisun - Ben Tennyson)
    • アニメランド (Animerando - The AnimeLand)


Zim No threatens to kill two couple unless Ben summons the spirit to save them.

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