Pharaohs is an episode.


Noah tells the story for Wrath at the local library center about the Egyptian ancestry of Noah and his friends.

The story features Tutanoahken (Noah's egyptian ancestor) being ordered by King Adamnoken (voice of Adam West, Adam West's countepart) having to build the tomb for him so he can sleep for 100 years. Noah uses his powers for his own dasterdly deeds by slavedriving Slave Wrath, Slave Orochimaru, Slave Molly and the other slaves. When the tomb was done, King Adamnoken died of a heart attack and it was time for mummification for him. At the morning of the coordination of the new king, Tutanoahken thought he was going to be king until the deceased king's nephew, King Adamnoken the Second (voice of Burt Ward, Burt's countepart). It was turned out that King Adamnoken the Second is going to be the pharaoh while Tutanoahken is living in the tomb with his deceased uncle along with his prized possessions, and Wrath was gifted with the title, Prince Wrathatorium.


All of the characters have ancestry by the list:

  • Tutanoahken - Noah Cooper
  • Prince Wrathatorium/Slave Wrath - Wrath
  • Priest Benjamin - Ben Tennyson
  • King Adamnoken - Adam West
  • King Adamnoken the Second - Burt Ward
  • Lucastrumacus - Lucas Cruikshank
  • Slave Orochimaru - Orochimaru
  • Slave Molly - Molly Hale
  • Machmoricus - Speed Racer
  • Shockalockacus - Sparky
  • Chickenrabarcode - Chickenbark


  • Adam West reunites with Burt Ward after fourty years and after SpongeBob SquarePants in this cartoon episode where Adam West voices Adamnoken, the previous deceased pharaoh while Burt Ward plays Adamnoken II, the pharaoh's 22 year old nephew who is next in line for the throne. A reference to the series is that there crowns feature symbols of there characters they play in the 1960s Batman TV series.
  • This is the first episode where most of the footage takes place in a storybook instead of the true setting.

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