Phanny and Computer

Phanney assigning a job with Computer.

Phanney is the name of an old women who works in a business that gives people different jobs by their talents and intrests.

Phanney is an old women who has red velvet hair along with a yellow bead in her hair, along with eyeglasses that has green lenses, chubby cheeks with freckles, a mis-structured chin and a light blue shirt along with long fingernails. She sports a DOS computer hardware with a flat screen which she names it Computer and starts off giving people jobs by saying "Computer Says..." as if the computer was talking via texting.

Phanney's code, according to the rules of the business, anyone who denies more than 3 jobs must go to Anger Management classess in order to gain the privilage to continue to look for jobs. It is unknown who voices her.

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