Paying is no Believing is a 7-minute short featuring Sparky and Chickenbark in the hotel.


Sparky and Chickenbark are trapped in a hotel until they pay their debt.


  • Sparky: [Bursts into the room and shoves himself into manager's face] Insulting my integrity, eh, Fatso? Insinuating I'd flee this flea-bitten dump, eh, Fatso? Intimating I'd abscond with your financial remunerations, eh, Fatso? [By now, Sparky has gone so far into the manager's face that it has been pushed into itself] Hey, look! A Dick Tracy character: Prunefish.
  • Hotel Manager: You have insult me! We meet on the field of honor! [Slaps Sparky with a glove, then hands him a card] My card.
  • Sparky: [Punches holes in card] You've had your coffee ration for this week, Robespierre. [Hands him the card, now a paper doll chain] You have insult me! We meet on the field of onion! [Hits manager with glove with horseshoe inside] My card, you cad. [Pastes a piece of fly paper on manager's face] HoohoohoohooHOOOOHOOO [speaks in a Daffy Duck-like maniac laugh and tries to escape the hotel]
  • Jaden: [On phone] Eh, what's up, duck?
  • Sparky: That palooka manager has got us locked up in the Broken Arms Hotel. We thought you could help us get out.
  • Jaden: Eh, did you try the elevator?
  • Sparky: Yes.
  • Jaden: Throw him down the stairs?
  • Sparky: Yes.
  • Jaden: Use the sheets?
  • Sparky: Yes.
  • Jaden: Swing across on the ropes?
  • Sparky: Yes. We tried all those ways
  • Jaden: [the door to the next room opens; Jaden is inside on the phone, chained to a ball as well] Ah, don't work, do they? [cartoon fades]


  • The animators made a mistake. When Sparky said "A Dick Tracy character, Pruneface", Jack Grimes (the voice of Sparky) tried to imitate Daffy Duck's lisp that was so bad that he said "Prunefish" instead of "Pruneface" and the animated lip sync did not synce to fish, it stopped.
  • At the end of the cartoon, a memory card was made saying "Voice recordings from Mel Blanc. In another memory of Mel Blanc".

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