Pawquake is a villain in Anime Camp Generations.


Peterpocket Daniel Yornick was born in 1990. He used to be an artist. During his high school years, he respected the Chinese gods. When he was 18 years old, 14 year old Noah found his drawings and made a drawing showing an insult to the Chinese gods. Because of not stopping him when he had the chance, the Chinese gods cursed him by making his hands cause earthquakes. It was so bad that he was punished to stay in Jin's K-school for 100 years, since he has a little brother, Petey. Ever since then, he was stuck in or out of the shadows reading little books and planning to get revenge on Noah for causing him to make him became Pawquake. For revenge, Pawquake send clones of himself to cause massive earthquakes and tsunamis. He transforms into Samurai Tsunami when causing tsunamis.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt hit his clone and it became Aftershock with more powers than ever; causing floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, whirlpools, hurricanes, hailstorms, tsunamis and more.

Pawquake made his last appearance in the episode "Off Duty Cop" when Chickenbark tells him the news about Noah's absense and his music career causing Pawquake to scream in joy and finally saying that his "mission is over" until Noah comes back as he relaxes in Kindergarten. He hasen't appeared since them.

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