Pac-Man Fever is an episode of Anime: Evolution where the title is a parody to that of an album sung by Buckner & Garcia in 1982 talking about many classical arcade video-games, especially Pac-Man.


After the release of "Tiny'Mon Jade and Crystal", Noah decides to pay a visit to the grand-opening of the new city, PSPalace of GameLand for King Ned Ted-O and Queen Sony-a. Unfortunatley, Vampwire decides to create a video-game crash by releasing a virus video-game titled "ET" which causes paralyzation which will make all Gameland citizens die of retirement.

Video-game referencesEdit

  • Planet Nintendu 64 takes it's name from Nintendo 64, a console for featuring the first 3D-graphics in Nintendo, invented in 1991.
  • PSPalace takes it's name from PlayStation Portable.
  • The rulers of Gameland; King Ned Ted-O and Queen Sony-a takes there names from two video-game and electronic companies; Nintendo and Sony.
  • Wiiland is a parody of the Wii console.
  • Commander 64 takes a homage to the old Commodore 64 console.
  • Vampire's plan for a video game crash is a reference to the North American video game crash of 1983 which almost caused bankruptcy of many video-game consoles and home computers due to the releases of the worst-video games ever; ET the Extra Terrestrial and the Atari 2600s version of Pac Man.

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