Operation FUN is an episode of Anime: Evolution that won a Grammy award and an Emmy award.


After being bored from becoming the Kamen Ranger, Hiro decided to bring back his fictional television show to reality by making Billy Baba doing all of the things he said.


  • This episode was the most popular for featuring several actions and several differences:
  • Here are the tenth things that Hiro has done in the list:
    • Confetti is spilled all across the streets.
    • Wrath would become his Medieval knight that speaks Ye Ole English.
    • Hiro would have a golden locks haircut similar to Finn before his haircut.
    • Ben Tennyson and Mokuba Kaiba would become Steve St. James and Brandon Steel from the fictional 70s cop drama show, Off Duty Cop.
    • Toilets would be jumping around randomly in the towns.
    • All of the neighborhood kids would be breaking their parental rules in a childish way such as eating dessurt before dinner, refusal of doing chores but being lazy and burping in public. This was from the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "Stop, Look and Ed".
    • Robotboy would be Hiro's chef serving him "evil" chicken nuggets.
    • Haruko would become a cavewomen in a Pebbles Flintstone affair and speaking in stereotypical cave-talk.
    • All of the buildings, resources, streetlights and toys would be made out of several types of foods and/or food products or junk food.
    • Julie would ask like a stereotypical happy-go-lucky girl; giggling and being cheerful.
  • Dynamite, Surfin' Bird, Can't Touch Me and Basketball Jones are played during his dream sequence.
  • An online game, Immortal Contact, was made in honor of the episode.
  • This is the first episode where Hanajima goes totally out of character.

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