Omar Desai (Hindi: उमर देसाई), also known as Omar the Magnificent is an Indian magician from Ancient India in "Terror in Timbuktu".


Omar was born in Mumbai and raised in Timbuktu. He practices magician arts but never works. He speaks with a soft Indian accent. He only appears in a few episodes. He appeared in the Anime Camp Generations third movie "Trip to Haddle City" with new clothes. He performed in magic shows which helps excel his abilities. He can also speak in Arabic.

In Omniverse, he wears a tuxedo in black and/or white homaging Sailor Moon's Tuedo Mask but still keeps his turban, meaning he is a Sikh. His magical abilities have exceled alot, meaning that he has grown use to it so much that he can use it. He also reveals that he has six sisters and one little brother named Badr.


  • He speaks fluent Hindi, due to his heritage. His brother, Badr, also speaks Hindi and it's his main language, but he can speak English as well. He can also speak Sanskrit.
  • Omar used to be terrible at magic tricks but now he excels at it.
  • In "Trip to Haddle City", he wore sports clothes (green) but kept his cape and turban.
  • In Omniverse, his appearance is based on Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.
  • He is revealed to be a Sikh by the creators.
  • His sisters names are Mona, Lisa, Aditi, Shruti, Kashvi and Raji according to the creators; all Hindu names.
  • He also has an older brother named Balik who is described as a Hindi homeboy since he likes to act like a gangster and still carries an Indian accent (Yo yo Yo! That be wack! Check It! My posse and I are not above a driveby spitting so chill jill!).
  • His favorite food is samosas, a baked pastry commonly found in India and vindaloo, a dish in India.
  • Coincidentally, when ever he is reintroduced to the public, Miyuki is there.
  • His brother, Badr, is a magician's assistant.
  • He reveals that all of his siblings can use magic except his younger brother due to his generation skipped.
  • He also has a cousin named Swaroop Shakla.

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