Off Duty Cop is a popular police-drama television series created by Franklin Pierce. The series aired in Fox on September 13, 1971 and ended in March 8, 1979 due to many stunt problems involving injuries of stunt doubles. The series was revived in November 4, 1982 and the Off-Duty Cop series finally ended in June 20, 1986. The series is the favorite show of Jimmy Kudo, Conan Edogawa and Orochimaru.


The series depicts of off-duty cop named Steven St. James who works for the New York Police Department to solve many cases and with the accompany and help of his bulking chauffeur, Brandon Steel, all of his cases are solved in each episode.


  • Leslie Hunt (1931-present) as Steve St. James: An off-duty cop who works for the New York Police Department. He wields a shot gun to threaten his enemies. Originally Morris Dingle was intended to play for the part but his bones were broken so Leslie took the role instead. Leslie later reprised his role in the 2011 feature film based on the series. Leslie/Steve is voiced by Tom Kane.
  • Howard Fine (1901-1994) as Brandon Steel: Steve's mute, bulking and strong chauffeur who aids him wherever he goes to drive his Sportsy Limo. His superstrength helps Steve pin down criminals to make them surrender. Despite his mute character, Brandon will speak little to no dialogue but when he talks, he speaks in a deep voice. Howard Fine was given the part and he didn't need an audition. Fine died in 1994 due to heart failure. Howard/Brandon is voiced by Nick Nolte, impersonating Ted Cassidy.

Feature filmEdit

A 2011 police-drama film that is based on the series prepiered in October 1, 2011 in which Leslie Hunt reprises hiws role as Steven St. James and featuring Carl Skyler as Brandon Steel the chauffeur.

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