Noah the Superstar is an episode of Anime: Evolution in which it features references to many American pop culture. This episode is also the last appearance of Noah Cooper in the entire series due to his movie career.


Noah tries show business after ten times of failing and when his button gets pushed very badly, he starts to destroy all of the companies to name NCTV (Noah Cooper Television). But now, Noah decided to create his own show; The Noah Show. But then, a record company wishes to produce Noah's television show into a movie, a Broadway musical and a play. Then, Noah leaves The AnimeLand for pursue his movie career.


  • This is the last appearance of Noah Cooper in the entire Anime series due to making a musical, skit, play and movie version of his new famous television series. He makes a cameo appearance in the next episode. Noah returns in Anime: Omniverse as a guest character, no longer second main character or major character since those positions have been filled.
  • Carter Hayden leaves the cast as Noah Cooper.
  • Since "Noah the Superstar", Chickenbark was confirmed as the new secondary main character. But after the next episode, Orochimaru becomes the secondary main character, which will give him more appearances. As of the current season, Hanajima makes more appearances.
  • The scene where Noah goes rogue parodys to the Adobe Flash video, McFuneral.
  • NCTV parodies to that of RBTV (Really Bad/Rocky Bullwinkle Television) from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie.
  • This episode parodies that of the Suite Life on Deck episode "Bon Voyage" which featured the last appearance of Marcus Little since Doc Shaw left the cast due to filming of Pair of Kings.
  • Noah Cooper appears in the third season, back in the Animeland, but he is not the main character, he is a reccuring character now. Jimmy Kudo takes the role as the new second main character. In Anime: Omniverse, he is classified as a guest character.

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