Neji Hyuga's Ice Cream Emporium (formerly known as Neji Hyuga's Ice Cream Shop) is a popular ice cream parlor and restaurant. The concept for the restaurant is to be a parody of Dairy Queen but as the restaurant progressed, it became a parody of Sonic's. The mascot for the restaurant is Sonic the Hedgehog.


The restaurant first appeared in Anime: Camp Generations as Neji Hyuga's ice cream store. Originally, he uses ice cream flaovred plants to make the ice cream. But later, he now serves them for the favorite people.


Due to the number of villains in the Animeland that have been populated, tending to take free ice cream and even the money, and possibly due to bankruptcy, the ice cream shop was closing it's doors. The restaurant has shut down and was replaced with Chazz's Diner.


After receiving a super-plant that can magically spill several flavors of ice cream, Neji Hyuga reopens the restaurant after a fight with Chazz, giving it a more shaken appearance, featuring a number of crew workers, a music soundtrack and even drive thru service.


  • Neji Hyuga: The owner and top chef of the restaurant.
  • Hinata Hyuga: Neji's cousin and second top chef of the restuarant.
  • Cleeve: Voiced by Dan Castellaneta. He is a teenaged boy with a squeaky voice and has acne, seeming to be a parody of the Squeaky Voiced Teen from The Simpsons. He is the clerk of the store. Castellaneta uses his Pimple-Faced Teen voice to do Cleeve.
  • Carlos: Voiced by Peter Oldring. A delivery boy of Hispanic descent who delivers the ice cream.

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