Rendazo Chester Muckermeyer, known for his surname Muckermeyer and now known as Ad Meyer, is a character from The AnimeLand. He appeared only in Anime: Camp Generations and has made his only appearance in Anime: Omniverse. David Herman voiced in in Anime: CG and Jeff Bennett in Anime: Omniverse.


He, alongside Chet, first appeared in the Anime: Camp Generations episode "Super School". He was the leader of a dormitory known as Pure Breed, the upperclassmen at Super School. He was snooty, rich and mean and tends to cheat his way with his fellow mates. He had a rivalry with Ben Tennyson for this but as episodes pass by, they become friends. He moves to Paraguay at the end, causing his disappearance.

He finally returns in Anime: Omniverse, with Jeff Bennett replacing David Herman, from Paraguay but his hair color changed from brunette to black and he now sports a dark cape and has bags in his eyes with sharp teeth and red claws. He also supports demon eyes. He is no longer classified as a human, now being known as an evil human. The reason for this is that while he was traveling to Paraguay, he has done alot of crimes and has been tormenting other Spainards. He lost all of his money and his salary was garnished due to tax fraud, because he was a member of The Clubbe; a music scam operation that offers 100 CDs each day for any price they choose which affects their customer's minimum wage and sales tax. Because of that, he started stealing. Now, he was classified as a bad soul and was changed from a human to an evil human. He is not toally evil as he still cares for Chet but is on the neutral side and has joined the side of Rath of Ravenge.

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