Movie Time is an episode of Anime: Evolution aired as an unofficial Halloween special.


Noah and Jo are watching a scary movie on television during the middle of the night, but after being unable to do so, the children decide to tell scary stories, causing Noah to go into shock.


  • This is unofficially the Halloween special of the show in 2012.
  • The part where Jo and Noah fight over which program they want to watch: scary movies or cartoons, is a parody of the scene from the syndicated Mexican cartoon series El Chavo del 8 episode "La Historias de Terror/Horror Stories".
    • The scary movie, itself, seems to be a parody of The Mummy Returns and Nightmare on Elm Street.
    • The cartoon is Tiny'mon featuring Blast Ketchup which is a parody of Pokemon featuring Ash Ketchum.
    • The live-action series suggested by Orochimaru is Captain Hopper which is a parody of El Chapulin Colorado, created by Chespirito, who created the cartoon series El Chavo del 8.
  • First episode with an alternative intro, featuring the theme song of Plaza Sesamo (Spanish equivalent of Sesame Street). Subtitles were used for the lyrics.
  • One of the scenes featuring Chris McClean, Prof. Banner and Lemongrab as zombies parodies Thriller.

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