Mongatsanna is an episode of Anime: Evolution and is the first to be censered on Hothead since the "Surferheroes" movie.


After a breakup with Flare, Hothead is very sad and so Mitch has an idea of bringing him Flame Princess. As the two have met, Hothead kissed the princess which starts there new relationship. But, a mysterious oriental organization known as the Japanese Soba Suey Ninjas are trying to find the power of the Ultimatrix to rule the world.


  • First apeparance of the Japanese Soba Suey Ninjas, a gang of Chinese ethnic assasin ninjas who have been attacking various cities since the Korean War of 1950 and have grown powerful, led by an evil dictator known as Grand Wall, who has been finding several sources of power to make his armies of ninjas powerful.
  • The title is based on Zoboomafoo's catchphrase "Mongatsutka".
  • Some scenes of the episode are animated and shown in a film noir detective style due to interviews of the whereabouts of Hothead.
  • Darkflame appears in this episode for the first time after his absenses.
  • This episode is similar to the "Adventure Time" episode, Incendium.
  • Name: The Soba in the name of the Ninja group is actually a Japanese noodle dish and the suey part is based on "chop-suey", a Chinese dish consiting of fried rice with meat and vegetables, and has came to the English-language for stereotypical Chinese characters.
  • The scene featuring Chinese laundromat people is based on the Van Buren short "Laundry Blues" involving Chinese animals (some cats, some dogs and one hippo in which all of them speak in gibberish apporximating Chinese, but sometimes features some little English words) doing the laundry in sing-song mode.
  • The scene where Mr. Lee said "Ancient Chinese Secret" is based on a popular 1970s Calgon ad in which a man, also named Mr. Lee, said that him making the shirts cleen is an "ancient chinese secret" in which his wife states the secret, Calgon.

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