Milton the Cow in The Dairy Olympics is a comedy flick that is only found in The Movie Shack Hut. It is found in the $2 bin full of DVD movies since the store only sells video cassettes. While many people consider it funny, some people think of the movie as a nuisance. Despite some rumors, it is not a mockbuster.


The main plot of the film is that Milton (played by Billy West) enters the Dairy Olympics doing sports such as ball rolling. One scene features him wearing shoes in his hand (possibly bowling shoes) in which he quotes "Wearing shoes? But I'm a cow!". Another scene shows him jumping off an animated cow. An unseen scene explains that he burps really loud and then lays an egg. The final scene befores a movie ends shows him dancing with visual scenes of the cow features and some scenes of him doing the sports.

Real LifeEdit

The movie first intergrated in Cartoon Network's short-lived series Squirrel Boy as a lame flick shown in the episode "Speechless". The song heared in the movie is sometimes played showing the crazy neighbors from down the street. Billy West did portray the cow in the show.

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