Mi Case de Amor is an episode of The AnimeLand. It features a character speaking Spanish dialogue.


Mitch has a crush on the mute, adorable, sweet Kisa Sohma. Even though Kisa is too young to date nor love and Mitch has enough money to pay for a money by proving his worthiness, Noah must help Mitch not make a fool of himself.


  • Fishquack, Kisa and Linus appear in this episode but does not have lines. Fishquack only groans and Linus does not speak at all. Kisa moves her lips but no dialogue comes out.
  • Mitch can speak Spanish, probably because he watched novellas at Alberto's house.
  • Mitch goes to the Disco for dates but only has one.
  • The Pickle Barrel was redesigned and called "Hiding Club".
  • Noah is seen dressed up as Groucho Max with the Sunday Pants comedy line.

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