Lula Energous is girl from The AnimeLand who is Hako Momochi's girlfriend.


She was a great archer ever since she was a kid. She was a goth from age 12 to her current age. When she was a toddler through 10 years old, she was a ball of sunshine of evil. Lula was gifted with the bow and arrow from Sing and Song in the Justice and Injustice World. Her arrows have numerous powers, such as heat-seeking, poison and more. Lula is actually the Red Archery Girl card but she only becomes the card when she is in the scene or is suffering from the flu.

She thinks Noah is a good friend but really annoying. Lula has a big heart but doesn't like to show it. Lula has knowledge over things that people don't know such as creatures, cards and magical items. In the episode "Only One Half of a Whole", it was revealed that Synthesize was her next door neighbor, which is why they know more about each other. Lula currently as two pets: Deer (a demon deer which she refers to him as "Deery") and Blakey (a bad luck cat who happens to be half demon).

Lula works for Portrait's Secret (referred to as Secret). Secret is a world wide thief while Lula is a great archer plus his household maid, nurse and guardian (only when turn into a baby). Her best friend is Fredward. Lula stores some magical items in her house and has ultimate access to them when she needs them. Lula doesn't like it when people touch her in her first appearance but now she got over it to the point when nobody wants to touch her is when she is angry.

Being such an evil villain and an ultimate goth, she plans to rule or destroy the world and sees Gary E. Mo as a threat. She plans to kill Gary E. Mo but only when he actually is getting in the way (and for Gary E. Mo, vice versa).

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