Lemon Spouts is an episode of Anime: Oniverse.


The Lemongrabs are overgoing their mutual states of squeezing lemon juice from their bowls and gaining hunger known as the Lemon Spouts. They threaten to eat the Candy People and Bubblegum's hair unless they get food for them. So, PB, Finn and Jake "borrow" (steal) food from Renee, The Dung Beetles, Atticus and Tohru.


  • Atticus reveals to have a collection of Japanese snowcones; which explains how Cashy appears in each episode he's feature, despite being eaten.
  • Atticus has one hundred and twenty two money closets (closets filled with cash due to his bank account overflowing). Why didn't the three steal money instead of his food?
  • This episode reveals that Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum have golden teeth.
    • Princess Bubblegum does not mind losing a tooth. The reason is because when she was a baby, she sucked on her pacifier so much that she's used to tooth losing and tooth cutting.
    • Finn does not mind losing a tooth. The reason is because he has been beaten up and punched in the cheek several times that he can take the pain on losing a tooth.
    • Jake does not mind losing a tooth. The reason is because magical dogs can easily grow their teeth back in seconds, similar to how sharks can do it.
  • This reveals that the Lemongrabs overgo a symptom and stage called the Lemon Spouts.
  • Tohru's slumber party is based on the Adventure Time episode "Slumber Party Panic".
  • Atticus hates sugar. Why does his "yummy stuff" contain sugar?
  • Atticus' food inventory is hanging cured meats, exotic spices, baguettes, yummy stuff, canned yam, pickled eggs, lemony pies, a bucket of cole slaw, a bratwurst and excetera. Although the bratwurst is classified as more excetera.
  • Atticus knew that the three stole his food. This can be explained as if he woke up and saw his food missing.
  • Renee reveals to have dressed up her Fire Wolves as peanuts.
  • The only thing good that the Dung Beetles eat is the Pink Panther Flakes cereal.
  • Atticus' pajamas are based on Speed Racer.
  • Atticus' phone looks like the iPhone.

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