Pierre Kudo, currently Le Conan, is an evil 17 (now became 7) year old mime who is Jazz Hands apprentice.


Pierre Kudo used to be a criminal working for the Black Organization. But then, the French countepart of the gang called the White Organization used a pill to kill him for good. But sadly, like Jimmy Kudo, Pierre only deaged 10 years which made him a 7 year old. After reading the French version of one of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novels, Pierre renamed himself Le Conan. During Jazz Hands' accordian performances, he transformed the audience from polka loving people to punk rock loving people which caused Jazz Hands to be offended by the audience which made him evil in the first place. Then Le Conan became his evil apprentice giving him hints on attacking singers, dubbers, comedians, magicians and musicians. Le Conan became the honors of turning into a mime by one of Jazz Hands' accordian blasts leaving him total speechless but capable of magical abilities.

One episode reverted back to Pierre Kudo and he was planning to kill Jazz Hands for the first blow but was taken to jail. He was later stuck in the prison cell at Paris, France.

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