Kodukus (aka Norolis) is a Greek warrior who wears a magical armor and is the boyfriend of Gratefulities. He was a very special human being in Greek. According to a story, he carried nothing but serving and fighting for his homeland. Because of how selfless he was, Gratefulities fell in love with him. Athena, seeing her granddaughter dating a mortal, angered her until Hermes told her why. After hearing how grateful he was saving his homeland the boy was, he gifted him the magical armor that is indestructable until his death, unless he wishes it to pass it down to another generation. She also gave him a helmet, that allowed him instant contact with Hermes or Gracefulities. She offered him a new sword but he said that he couldn't take any help from the goddess anymore, so he enchanted his sword to conjure up one beast that he chooses. That beast was his pet dragon; the only one in Greek (originally thought to be a lizard). Thanked Athena, and returned for her help, offered her three things that she wanted. The three things she wanted was for her to treat Gracefulities respect, never take the gods for granted and to help her in duties above. Being grateful and the helpful person he is, with no second thought, he agreed. One day, during the big war, one of his soldiers in his army, became very jealous and went to a Titan to ask the way to get through the armor at the end of the war. He received a black arrow that can go through any armor which only effects in the full moon, which is how he died. However, the Greek god, Couronuto (the god of courage), casts a spell on him for him to be instantly reborn. However, not being a much of an expert on spells, he made him born as a god than a human (more details about the story being explained in Couronuto's link). Even though he was reborn as a god, Gratefulities still figured out it was him, however, nothing much change to his personalities, still selfless and they still are dates, but she called him by his newborn name, Norolis, when it's time for battle, but still calls him his original name in other times, besides wars and battles.

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