Kid Stuff is an episode of Anime: Evolution.


Because of child safety rules and lawsuits of endangering children, Ice King decides to use the rule by bringing all of the kids, including Finn and Hiro, into most of his crimes. But with the help of Steve and Blue (of Blue's Clues fame), they were able to lure the kids safely causing the ice King's plan to foil.

Ice King starts robbing a toy store and when Ben 10 and Monkeyman come the the rescue, they realize, because of Hanajima, that due to fear of lawsuits of child endangerment, any attacks involving to children (which Ice King would use as shields) is strictly forbidden in Anime America and those who disobey the rules will either be chared with a $1000 fine or will be sentenced to a centuary in prison or sentenced to death. With that, Ice King freezes them both. Later, Ice King plans another attack at the noodle shop, who which the kids are eating lunch there, but the kids won't be at the streets because the children's show "Blue's Clues" is on an hour so Vampwire suggests they wait to attack until the show is over.

Later, Ice King is seen rading a telephone shop where the kids are buying new communication devices. Using the television excuse, ice King tells the children that Ben and Monkeyman are planning to end all phonelines, causing the kids to dog pile on them. Next scene, Ice King is performing a puppet show with Gunter about attacking Ben, and including Brak, and they pretended that Ben was going to force them to get rid of their ice cream, causing them to attack.

Looking for a way to defeat Ice King, the gang thought about the option of asking Steve and Blue for help because there the people most beloved by kids. The plan succeed but Orochimaru got hurt in the process for stealing one of the security guard for Nickelodeon's submarine sandwiches. Using both Steve and Blue, they sang the Blue's Clues song causing the kids to be lured away. Ice King has planted an ice bomb, with the help of Vampwire, which would turn the world into pure ice, but with the help of Rigby, the bomb shuts off.


  • This episode's special guest stars are Steve Burns and Traci Paige Johnson, who provided the portrayls of Steve and Blue from the Nickelodeon series, Blue's Clues. Johnson also co-created the series herself. Burns only agreed for the portrayl was because it was only voicework. The show also had a regular guest star, Andy Merill as the voice of Brak from Space Ghost.
  • The song Brak sung was the theme song for the revived Cartoon Planet block on Cartoon Network.
  • First major showtime of the Ice King.

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