James W. Burpon, also known as Jim Burpon, is an American film producer known for his voice-overs of 5,000 film trailers, hundred of thoundands of television advertising, network promotions, animated cartoons and video game trailers. He is best known for directing; Zombie Wedding (parody of Corpse' Bride), Sam and the Sandwich Company (parody of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Caroline (parody of Coraline), Nightmare After Halloween (parody of Nightmare Before Christmas) and many others. He played the role as Jack Hawk in the film, Pirates of the Lima Bean (parody of Pirates of the Carribean). Jim is a parody of Tim Burton.

Jim Burpon is voiced by legendary voice-actor, Don LaFontaine who was the voice in many film trailers until his death at September 1, 2008. The episode "Movie Madness" was dedicated to him, which it his last role.

Don LaFontaine also makes parody of film trailers-within-the-show which was also dedicated to his memory.

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