Jail Island is a location in The AnimeLand's Swamp-Sewers. This is a location where criminals and disrepective students go when being punished. It is guarded by Might Guy. As the series progressed, Duncan's family is the leader of the island. Students receive a lifetime detention in Jail Island.


  • Noah: Many reasons
  • Raggedy: Threatening assult of a sprite
  • Meriwheter Lewis: Not requiring an exponential license
  • William Clark: Not requiring an exponential license
  • Sacagawea: Illegal gambling
  • Charbonneau: Illegal gambling
  • Weasel: Adoption
  • Sam the Cowboy: Crime of the old West
  • Conan: Harassment through alien life forms
  • Boris: Tootsie pop littering
  • Trix Rabbit: Framed
  • Captain Crunch: Framed
  • Travis: Illegal doom buggy jacking
  • Alvin & the Chipmunks: Framed.
  • Reiko: Kidnapping a superstar and illegal crimes.
  • Megumi Hanajima: Giving explosive pies to Mackey Ghostface and Biomage, almost causing threats to official police officers and the world (Chickenbark actually did this but Megumi took the blame for him)

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